Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fish Fry: St. Catherine of Siena

I'm not gonna lie to you, we had originally planned to go out to St Joseph in Camp springs on this particular Friday.  The clock working against us, though, and we had to make a battlefield decision and so off to St Catherine of Siena in Fort Thomas we went. Adding insult to injury later was the fact that Karen's original review was lost due to technical issues. So I'm trying to fill in the gaps from memory. Of note for this trip was the fact that our friend Moe accompanied us, marking his first fish fry. That's not a particularly remarkable fact until you consider that he went to a Catholic school. I don't know how he avoided working at a fish fry.

When we got to St Catherine's and saw the parking lot completely full, I was concerned we weren't going to get done in time to make our next stop. We found some on-street parking fairly easily, and made our way to the lower level. The signs and congregating fire fighters gave away the uhh... way.

The lower level of St. Catherine's is a multi-purpose room which includes a stage, so no surprise that it was full of kids running around while their parents chilled and chatted. Not surprising at a fish fry, really, but this is certainly not the quietest dining experience in town. I got to soak it all in while we waited in the bit of line that was backed up. It moved pretty quickly, though. Maybe it just seemed that way because I was able to get a beer just as I stepped into line. So I know you're wondering, "How much is the beer?" Well, get this: they don't sell beer - they give it away! Donations are encouraged however, and of course I stuffed some bucks in the jar.

We got through the line and loaded up our trays with the usual suspects: Fish, mac and cheese, and fries. With no time to spare, we grabbed a spot at the busy long tables and got to it. The fish was great - hot, flaky, nicely breaded. St. Catherine's proudly advertises the Green Derby as their supplier, and with good reason. Where they let us down, though, was the mac and cheese. The pasta was overcooked, and they didn't make up for it with the mild cheese and lack of a good baked top.

I don't see St. Catherine's going to the final four, but I could imagine the fish making the all-star game.

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